July 13th 2022

Recently a friend put me on to this podcast about the duo of wellbeing that is our bodies and the sun. As you can probably guess most commercial sunscreens are full of weird shit you can’t pronounce and they pose hazard over the long-term. You’re best off not using any, (or maybe some naturally SPF containing oil) and just listening to your body when it tells you to seek shade. For me this under 20 minutes. The main point though was about how delicious sunlight is to our nervous systems. When you make contact with sunlight, there is an impossibly complex chemical dance between your porous skin and the life giving rays of our hostile star. 

It’s good for you.

So let’s please try to give ourselves this basic element in healthy intentional doses so none of us get cranky enough to hurt someone - pushing them into a sadness, possibly indoors where they will get less sunlight and perpetuate cruelty on our bright, hot planet.

There’s something else I want you to know about light. When I learned this, it floored me. Due to the actual union of time and space into this one thing - spacetime - and the properties of relativity, time passes more slowly the faster you’re moving. It also moves slower at lower elevations but we won’t get into that now. As you approach the speed of light, time slows and stretches until… there is none. 

No time passes for a photon. This means that wherever a light particle is headed, from it’s perspective, it has already arrived. The sheer queerness of this condition gives me a tingly feeling of wonder, fear, and magic.

Below is an unrelated piece of music that I created a few days ago. I produced this beat in about two hours and could probably expand on it some more but it’s just so juicy and short - I feel like that beckons the listener to replay the track. The mid section features this cool pulsing choir/string progression that has inspired the use of some plugins (effects) very foreign to me. I titled it ‘Grass Fed’ because I’ve been putting a little bit of grass fed butter in my coffee this week along with some coconut oil. I think it’s a keto-diet thing but I like how it tastes.

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