August 15th 2022

This summer in Salt Lake City has given us many more rain storms than the previous year. If you’re looking for complaints, you’re reading the wrong newsletter. I haven’t yet missed the chance to soak my clothes and wash away thought loops with a long walk among these recent downpours. I hope you’re doing the same.

I am going on tour this weekend with my band and am spending most of today prepping the merch so we can afford the gas it will take to visit the cities of Boise, Eugene, and finally Corvallis before returning home. This will be my first non-solo tour of shows across multiple states and I am looking forward to that peaceful boredom that overcomes me when driving long distance. Those repetitious highway lines that hypnotize the novelty seeking mind and divide the country into quick blinking inches feel like a real place and not merely repeating strips of paint. 

In the winter, I refurbished an old album. By this I mean that some old songs now have new, fresh elements. It’s called ‘Tales Of The Fall’ and is full of romantic yearning. The album will be available everywhere on Thursday the 18th, but I’ve uploading the whole thing to Youtube so that you can listen to it right now.

There is a strong feeling that this time in my life is extremely precious and will be looked back on very fondly. Thank you for being a part of it.

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