July 27th 2022


In the fall of 2019 I gathered a few musicians, a handful of thinkers, and some designers to help create a live album of original songs. We recorded the entire album over the length of a waning autumn day in a Logan Utah backyard. Because there were no walls for the vibrations to bounce off, the sonic flavor of the album is unique. I wasn’t always sure that this was a good thing. But I knew that it FELT good and contained within it the spirit of the outdoors.

A few overdubs (electric guitar, violin, and trumpet) were added in the following weeks and by 2020 I had a finished album in hand. Good start to a great year. Things are looking UP at this point. Nothing can possibly go wrong, life is great.

There were many preparations made to release and tour the album in the late spring before all aspirations were forcibly abandoned. So I held onto this album, (Or rather my hard drive did) while not knowing what to do about anything, let alone these tunes. 

Well here I am now on the precipice of packing up all my shit and moving to Portland with Megan to live out a new, fresh part of our adult lives. This relocation is 5 years in the making and is one of those things you’ve just got to do, lest you get older and suffer insomnia by proxy of regret. So It is time to release this project along with other music I’ve been holding onto for ages so that I can move forward. 

Below is a mini documentary we made for the album. Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel and follow me on your favorite streaming service so you can hear the whole album for free this weekend. I will also be performing live with my band at Whysound in Logan Utah on Saturday July 30th to celebrate the release.


Love, Nicholas

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